Model Answers to 07 Hypothesis Testing in Six Sigma Statistics using Minitab 17, Green Belt Edition.

Example 7.11.7

Conduct a Chi Sq Goodness-of-Fit Test

Analyse the data in File 07Hypothesis Testing.xlsx worksheet Ex 7.11.7 and answer the questions shown below.

A questionaire is sent to a large number of companies. In one of the questions the companies are asked to select which sector their business would come under. This is then compared with the national average, which is listed in the column called Percentage.

  1. Are any of the population sectors different from the target samples?
  2. Which population sectors are different from their target samples?
  3. Have the requirements of the test that you have used been met?
  4. Does the Report Card generate any warnings?



1.  Click Stat<<Assistant<< Hypothesis Test

2. Click on Chi Sq Goodness-of-Fit

2.  Complete the menu as shown and click OK to execute the procedure.

Starting from the Summary Report we see that at least one of the Sector Populations will differ from the target percentage but we don’t know which one.

When we check the Outcome Table at on the top right of the Summary Report we find that the Transportation Sector is higher then the target percentage target and that the Food sector is lower.

The only graph on the Diagnostic Report shows the percentage difference between samples and targets of each of the sectors.

The table on Diagnostic report provides us with numerical data. Below the table a statement tell us that the target count should be at least 1.25 and the sample count should be at least 5 in each category.

The Report Card does not show any warnings the data easily meets the conditions discussed in the Diagnostic Report.