Model Answers to 07 Hypothesis Testing in Six Sigma Statistics using Minitab 17, Green Belt Edition.

Example 7.11.2

Measure the PSS of a 2 sample t Test

Establish the Power that you achieve with a 2 sample t test under the following conditions

1) A two-way test where you are only considering if the alternate is different to the null hypothesis

2) You have a sample size of 60 in each group.

3) You are interested in being able to detect a difference of 1
4) The historical StDev has been 3.

Before running the procedure try and estimate the power value that would be achieved and then compare your guess to the answer.



1.  Click Stat <<Power & Sample Size<< 2 Sample t

2.  Complete the menu as shown and click OK to execute the procedure.

The power curve shows that a Power of 44% would be achieved. This falls far short of the minimum 80% requirement.